25 litre Deionization (DI) resin

25 litre Deionization (DI) resin

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25 litre Deionization (DI) resin

Di Mixed Bed Resin to go in our refillable cartridges Demineralization Resins are used to reduce the TDS (polishing the water) the TDS from a RO unit is not always as low as need so the usage of DI resin will bring the TDS down to near 0 TDS. Quanty 1000ml Mixed Bed Resin for "Polishing" After Reverse Osmosis Demineralization. Also for Demineralization in Laboratories, Photo Laboratories, Steam Irons, Small Industrial Plants,and Delicate Plants.


Deionisation is a resin based water filtration process of removing all dissolved solids from the water.  DI resins attract non-water ions and replace them with water ions, leaving a more pure water form.  Deionisation leaves a pure water with a perfect Total Dissolved Solids reading of 0.  It has many uses in industry including autoclaves, hand-pieces, laboratory testing, laser cutting, automotive cooling systems, freshwater and marine aquariums and window washing.  

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