100 GPD Membrane

100 GPD Membrane

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100 GPD Membrane

You can upgrade nearly any system with one of our membranes, all you need to find on your system is a flow restrictor and replace it with one of ours from Here. Your restrictor may not look like ours but if you trace the waste feed on your system you should find one.

We only supply HIGH QUALITY THIN FILM MEMBRANES in all our systems.


Reverse osmosis membranes are the heart of every RO system and work by forcing water though a semipermeable membrane to remove ions, molecules, and larger particles.  Flow restrictors determine the amount of water that flows to the waste outlet.  The size of flow restrictor you use will depend on the size of your membrane.  Upgrade Kits enable you to make water at much faster rates.  It works by feeding the waste water though a second membrane thereby reducing waste.


Reverse osmosis is the finest filtration method available.  Our Pure Water Reverse Osmosis systems are designed for long life and protection. Drinking a heavy water can cause serious health problems, that’s why our RO systems were developed with a powerful water filter system, which will deliver delicious filtered and purified drinking water right at your office, house for drinking, cooking, ice, coffee, baby formula, pet feeding, beauty, washing, dietary/medical, aquarium, and plants. Reverse Osmosis Systems delivers water up to 99% free of substances commonly found in tap and well water.



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