Drinking Water Purification Systems

Reverse osmosis is the finest filtration method available.  Our Pure Water Reverse Osmosis systems are designed for long life and protection. Drinking a heavy water can cause serious health problems, that’s why our RO systems were developed with a powerful water filter system, which will deliver delicious filtered and purified drinking water right at your office, house for drinking, cooking, ice, coffee, baby formula, pet feeding, beauty, washing, dietary/medical, aquarium, and plants. Reverse Osmosis Systems delivers water up to 99% free of substances commonly found in tap and well water.

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  • Domestic Purification System Non-Pumped 6 Stage 50 GPD
    This is the non-pumped version of our domestic system, ideal for smaller households and where mains water pressure is above 50psi. Installation is simpler as it needs no mains electricity supply.   NOW WITH A REMINERALIZING FILTER AS STANDARD   The 6 Stages of Filtration A..
    Ex Tax: £151.31 £181.57
  • Domestic Purification System with Booster Pump 6 Stage 50 GPD
    Unlike many systems this unit has a booster pump. A booster pump is used so you can maintain a high rejection rate and not have low pressure issues.   NOW WITH A REMINERALIZING FILTER AS STANDARD   The 6 Stages of Filtration Are: 1. A 5 - Micron sediment filter made of..
    Ex Tax: £171.72 £206.06
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High quality reverse osmosis systems. RO-MAN has long held a reputation as the leading expert in reverse
osmosis and water filtration in the UK. Our systems are built in the UK and can be customised to suit
many purposes. We only use quality filters and components and source our membranes from the US.