Adjustable Pressure Regulators 1 1/2 " Red

Adjustable Pressure Regulators 1 1/2 " Red

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Adjustable Pressure Regulators 1 1/2 " Red

Adjustable Pressure Regulators 1 1/2 "


Pressure Range:

Min - 1.0Atm

Max - 2.0Atm


inlet diameter - 1 1/2" BSP Female

outlet diameter - 1 1/2" BSP Female

rec pressure range - 0.7 - 9 atm

rec flow rate range - 0.5 - 18.0 m3/hr

rec max working temp - 80°C

Spring colour - Red


With their Screen and Disc elements Amiad TAGLINE filters are made for wide range of irrigation applications. The TAGLINE filters are available in various filtration degrees to cover the needs of modern irrigation systems. TAGLINE filters are made from high quality engineered plastic materials providing excellent mechanical strength, durability and ease of installation. Amiad’s TAGLINE filters are easy to maintain; no tools are needed for extracting the filter element from the filter housing for rinsing.

The BERMAD Adjustable Direct Acting Pressure Reducer is actuated by a pressure responsive diaphragm, which seeks to reach equilibrium between hydraulic and set spring force. The BERMAD Model PRV is built of reinforced plastic that endows it with excellent hydraulic performance capabilities and high mechanical strength. It reduces higher upstream pressure to lower constant downstream pressure regardless of fluctuating demand or varying upstream pressure.

RO-MAN stock a complete range of components and spares.  We stock generic white tube fittings, John Guest fittings, valves and tubing and replacement fittings such as housings, check valves, clips, brackets and o rings.    

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