Precipitator 1

Precipitator 1

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Precipitator 1

View the precipitator in action!
  • The Precipitator is an effective sales tool that visually demonstrates the difference between high TDS water and low TDS water after using it to perform a test on the water sample.
  • Electrode rods display the degree of TDS present in the water sample through an electro-chemical reaction.
  • Easy to set the testing time with an operating timer.
  • Operating status lights display usage for both the tap water and the purified water.
  • Encased in highly durable impact-resistant plastic.
  • Folding electrode rods make the unit very easy to carry and manage.
  • Comes in a convenient vinyl carrying case with extra rods and fuses.

Use the Precipitator as an effective visual demonstration for displaying the differences between a customer's tap water and purified water.

Tap water will turn a blackish-green within seconds and repulse anyone from drinking it.

Also known as a TDS indicator.

  • Max. operating TDS: 500 PPM
  • Timer range: 0 - 15 minutes
  • Power source: AC 110V / AC 220V
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 6 x 5.5 cm (5 x 2.3 x 2 in.)
  • Unit Weight: 442.3 g (15.6 oz)
  • Total Weight: 601 g (1 lb 5.2 oz)


These units pass a 240 volt electric current through the water being tested and so carry a risk of electrocution in the case of a person also making contact with the water or the electrodes.

Suitable precautions should be taken to ensure no-one can accidentally contact the water or electrodes during use.

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