5 Inch Filters

We have a full range of high quality filter cartridges ideal in both commercial and domestic settings.  We stock a variety of filters including those designed to remove sediment, particulates and even cysts,also a range of carbon filters to remove chlorine and organic contaminants and furthermore special media filters targeted to remove specific contaminants. 

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  • 5 Inch Carbon Block Water Filter
    5" Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridge Specs: Dimensions: 4-7/8" x 2-7/8" (124 mm x 73 mm) Micron Rating (Nominal): 10 Micron Temperature Rating: 40°F to 165°F (4.4° C to 73.9°C) Pentek EPM-5C Carbon Briquette Filter Materials of Construction: Filter Media: Bonded PAC End Caps: Po..
    Ex Tax: £6.36 £7.63
  • Granulated Carbon Filter 5 Inch
    5 Inch compact GAC filter for smaller filter housings - water flows through a bed of activated carbon granules which trap some particulate matter and remove chlorine, organic contaminants, chemicals, and undesirable tastes and odours. High quality GAC filters will expose each drop of water to..
    Ex Tax: £8.12 £9.74
  • Sediment Filter (5 micron) 5 Inch
    Sedimentary Filter Typically the first stage of most reverse osmosis systems. This is a 5 micron sedimentary filter. It has an extra high capacity and is durable. Full size Poly Pro Filters, for the removal of sediments, dirt, sand and rust. This filter will fit most 10" Pod based REVERSE..
    Ex Tax: £2.54 £3.05

High quality reverse osmosis systems. RO-MAN has long held a reputation as the leading expert in reverse osmosis and water filtration in the UK. Our systems are built in the UK and can be customised to suit many purposes. We only use quality filters and components and source our membranes from the US.