KOI-BOY Metal Away Performance

KOI-BOY Metal Away Performance

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KOI-BOY Metal Away Performance

The KOI-BOY MetalAWAY range of filters is ideal for the discerning Koi and pond enthusiast who wants to remove chlorine and metals from the water. The range has 4 sizes “Standard” “large” “Gigantic” and “GiganticPlus”


Systems Stages First Stage Removes:

·         1 MicronSediment , removes any particles to prevent the next stage blocking.

Second Stage Reduces

  • Chlorine and chloramines, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) VOC’s can including Chlorination By-Products (Chloroform Bromodichloromethane; Chlorodibromomethane; Bromoform Chloroacetic Acid; Dichloroacetic Acid; Trichloroacetic Acid) Petrochemical By-product Dichloroacetonitrile, Ethylene Dibromide , Insecticide etc.

Third stage, Resin The secret is in the Resin Blend..

  • This blended resin has a very high capacity for metals, it will initially remove Ca and Mg associated with temporary hardness. In most hard water areas, where a high percentage of total hardness is comprised of KH, this resin will initial cause a softening and acidification of the water. Once the resin is saturated on hardness it will then continue to remove heavy metals in preference to calcium and will actually release calcium previously removed. We have estimated that tap water may contain up to 150 micro grams per litre (not milligram’s) of metals and it is able to remove metals from approx 15of tap water.We recommend 12 monthly filter replacements. The resin 85,000l reduces Heavy metals, such as:-Lead, Copper, Zinc, and Silver copper, Aluminium Sulphate to a level considered safe for pool fish. And alkaline earth metals such as:- Beryllium Magnesium Strontium Barium and Radium


  • Chlorine Reduction 370,000l
  • Chloramines Reduction 100,000l
  • Metal Reduction up to 45.000l
  • Flow Rate 2l per min System


  • Durable Mounting Board can be easily attached to a wall.
  • Control Valve to set water flow.
  • Fittings - The systems have standard ¾” ports. we also include: Hose lock fittings - supplied for direct connection to hose. ½” Hose tails supplied for connection by clip to hose pipe.
  • Pressure up to 10bar.
  • Temperature range =1c to 45c.
  • Production rate up to 45l per min


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