Nitrate Removal Unit

Nitrate Removal Unit

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Nitrate Removal Unit

Aquairum user fit this Nitrate removal after you RO system and it will Clean out the last few percent the RO may have left behind  

This Filter comes complete with a 10" nitrate cartidge

Which can be replaced by


Comes complete with:-

10" housing

1/4 flow control valve

1/4 inch fitting

2 m Blue Pipe

10" Nitrate removing cartridge 



Reverse osmosis is the finest filtration method available.  Our Pure Water Reverse Osmosis systems are designed for long life and protection. Drinking a heavy water can cause serious health problems, that’s why our RO systems were developed with a powerful water filter system, which will deliver delicious filtered and purified drinking water right at your office, house for drinking, cooking, ice, coffee, baby formula, pet feeding, beauty, washing, dietary/medical, aquarium, and plants. Reverse Osmosis Systems delivers water up to 99% free of substances commonly found in tap and well water.


We have a vast assortment of accessories and complimentary extras.  Our electrical accessories include auto flush kits, ultraviolet water sterilisers and solenoid valves.  We offer a variety of water storage options including storage tanks up to 3000 gallons and jerry can containers up to 25 litres.  If you have low water mains pressure a booster pump will enhance production.  We also have submersible pumps and integrated pump box systems.  Pressure gauges are a useful tool.  They can help diagnose issues and problems with pressure within water systems.  For those with Kangen systems, we can supply replacement filters.  Additionally we have a wide range of water supply and waste connection fittings including faucets, needle valves, waste clamps and washing machine pieces. 

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