Whole House Solutions

We often get asked for “Whole house” systems Reverse osmosis is not the always the best option.. Please contact our helpdesk for advice..

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  • Fresh-3 Stage System
    This 3 pod system will effectively remove chlorine, chloramines, other volatile organic compounds,heavy and earth metals, without altering the overall dissolved minerals or ph of the water   Constructed with 1/4" connections.   This is 5 micron sedimentary filter. It has a..
    Ex Tax: £86.00 £103.20
  • House Inline Filter: Treats up to 380,000 Litres of Water
    Sediment, Chlorine, Taste & Odor Reduction Life 380,000 l @  at a Flow Rate  9 L/min Chloramines Reduction @ Flow Rate (lpm) 18,900L @ 3.8 L/min 7,500L   @ 7.6 L/min Operating temperature: 40–125ºF (4.4–51.7ºC) Filter life:- As rat..
    Ex Tax: £196.55 £235.86
  • Multi-Stage Water Filtration System with Hollow Fiber Membrane
      RO-MAN-K2 is an under-counter water filtration system. It is made of the following filter cartridges: FCPS5- removes mechanical sand, rust and suspension solids. Not smaller than 5µm FCCST2- water softening and iron removing cartridge which reduces water hardness by exchanging ..
    Ex Tax: £73.00 £87.60
  • Sediment 3 Stage System
    This 3 pod system will effectively remove sediment having three stage 10 micron, 5 micron, 1 micron.     Constructed with 1/4" connections. This is a muilti  micron sedimentary filter. It has an extra high capacity and is durable. Full size Poly Pro Filters, f..
    Ex Tax: £45.00 £54.00

High quality reverse osmosis systems. RO-MAN has long held a reputation as the leading expert in reverse osmosis and water filtration in the UK. Our systems are built in the UK and can be customised to suit many purposes. We only use quality filters and components and source our membranes from the US.