75 GPD Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis is the finest filtration method available.  Our Pure Water Reverse Osmosis systems are designed for long life and protection. Drinking a heavy water can cause serious health problems, that’s why our RO systems were developed with a powerful water filter system, which will deliver delicious filtered and purified drinking water right at your office, house for drinking, cooking, ice, coffee, baby formula, pet feeding, beauty, washing, dietary/medical, aquarium, and plants. Reverse Osmosis Systems delivers water up to 99% free of substances commonly found in tap and well water.

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  • 75 Gallon Per Day 3 Stage Basic Reverse Osmosis System
    This is an economical 75 gallon per day reverse osmosis unit that is compact in size. Suitable for situations that require less space and the benefit of being portable. On average, this unit will remove 97-98% of tap water contaminants   The system includes:- 1 X 75 Gallon..
    Ex Tax: £61.10 £73.31
  • 75 Gallon Per Day 3 Stage Reverse Osmosis System
    The 2P-RO50-STAN is a full sized 75 US gallons per day unit. This full size unit provides better pre-filtration than the basic systems and less chance of membrane fouling. The membrane will remove an average 97-99% of tap water contaminants. As this is the heart of the system we only us..
    Ex Tax: £73.44 £88.13
  • 75 Gallon Per Day 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System
     The 3P-RO75-STAN is a full sized 75 gallon per day Reverse Osmosis Unit. This full size unit provide better pre-filtration and less chance of reverse osmosis membrane fouling. This system has a Manual  Reverse Osmosis membrane flush kit fitted as standard. This will extend..
    Ex Tax: £76.29 £91.55
  • 75 Gallon Per Day Professional 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System With DI Unit
    The 2P-RO75-DI-PROF is a full sized 75 US gallons per day reverse osmosis unit. This membrane will remove an average 97-99% of tap water contaminants. RO-MAN professional reverse osmosis systems have a large capacity DI they last 3-4 times longer than the in line type, so the resin will last ..
    Ex Tax: £85.43 £102.51

High quality reverse osmosis systems. RO-MAN has long held a reputation as the leading expert in reverse osmosis and water filtration in the UK. Our systems are built in the UK and can be customised to suit many purposes. We only use quality filters and components and source our membranes from the US.