Waste Clamp

Waste Clamp

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Waste Clamp

This clamp fits on to a 40mm waste pipe and has a 1/4 inch connector. For the waste supply from a RO UNIT.


RO-MAN stock a complete range of components and spares.  We stock generic white tube fittings, John Guest fittings, valves and tubing and replacement fittings such as housings, check valves, clips, brackets and o rings.    

We have a vast assortment of accessories and complimentary extras.  Our electrical accessories include auto flush kits, ultraviolet water sterilisers and solenoid valves.  We offer a variety of water storage options including storage tanks up to 3000 gallons and jerry can containers up to 25 litres.  If you have low water mains pressure a booster pump will enhance production.  We also have submersible pumps and integrated pump box systems.  Pressure gauges are a useful tool.  They can help diagnose issues and problems with pressure within water systems.  For those with Kangen systems, we can supply replacement filters.  Additionally we have a wide range of water supply and waste connection fittings including faucets, needle valves, waste clamps and washing machine pieces. 
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